Richard Branson

Richard is an entrepreneur, adventurer and founder of the Virgin Group.

About Richard Branson

Richard Branson is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, space traveller and founder of the Virgin Group. The Virgin Group is a conglomerate with business interests in entertainment, health & wellness, people & planet, technology and travel & Leisure.

At just 16 years old Richard launched his first business, a magazine called Student. Richard built on the success of his first business and started Virgin Records, a chain of record stores and later started the airline, Virgin Atlantic.

Richard was knighted by the Prince of Wales for his “services to entrepreneurship” in March 2000. Branson got global acclaim due to his successes in business, his love for adventure and his kind heart for philanthropy.

On 11 July 2021, Richard flew to space onboard Virgin Galactic Unity 22.

Richard Branson is the author of many books including Finding My Virginity, The Virgin Way, Like A Virgin, Screw Business As Usual, among other books. Richard has also made cameo appearances in TV Shows like Friends, Baywatch and movies like Around the World in 80 Days and Casino Royale.

Richard is married to Joan Branson and they have two children, Holly Branson and Sam BransonRichard is a granddad to Lola, Artie and Atta, and Bluey Rafe. Richard's mother, Eve Branson is the first mother in history to have a spaceship name after her. Please see additional pictures and links below.

Richard is also the founder of Virgin Unite, the charitable arm of the Virgin Group and here all funds from Richard's speaking engagements go to this charity.

Richard has an official website here, and a blog here. Richard also has accounts on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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Richard discusses his desires to go to space in 1988 & 2021

Richard has had a lifelong dream to travel to space, a dream that was confirmed in a live television show back in 1988 when asked by a caller if he was considering going to space.

Three Generations of Richard's family

Richard shares struggles with dyslexia

Richard's Music Playlist

Richard Launches Virgin Cola

Richard launches Virgin Cola in Times Square in 1994.

From 1996 Virgin Cola released 500ml bottles marketed as "The Pammy", as their curves were designed to resemble Pamela Anderson who was at the height of her popularity in the UK at the time.

Collectors can still purchase Virgin Cola bottles on eBay today.

Richard's Masterclass

Richard, Holly and Sam

Richard with his two children, daughter Holly and son Sam.

Holly is Chair of Virgin Unite (the Virgin Group's foundation) and a founder and trustee of Big Change.

Sam produces movies and stars in many including Superman Returns and Requiem for Krypton: Making 'Superman Returns'. Richard also starred in the latter.

Richard's reflections on the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Richard's Book Selections and Recommendations

Richard launches Virgin Music Group

Richard with his granddaughter Lola

Proud granddad with his granddaughter Lola, the daughter of Holly and Freddie Andrewes. Lola is 2 years old. Lola’s siblings are twins Artie and Atta (age 6).

Richard has a fourth grandchild Bluey Rafe (age 4), from his son Sam and daughter-in-law Isabella Calthorpe.

Richard and Lola in the pool

Richard with Lola in the swimming pool.

Eve Branson

Richard and Sam on the houseboat

The first home Richard bought was a houseboat which he called “the Duende”, meaning “the power to attract through personal magnetism and charm”.

Richard has always preferred working from home in order to be near his children and family, and admits he has never sat in “the corner office” even when he became successful.

Virgin Records Documentary

Richard tells of the humble beginnings of his great success, along with obscure office spaces and the challenges of their mail order business, which led to the first Virgin Records store.

From fines to being arrested, Richard and business partner Nick Powell pushed on and created their recording company which was the birth of their great success.